Atlantic crossing

The Boat

In 2014 I took a year off the university and worked for a few months, then joined a team of sailors for an Atlantic crossing on a virgin cruise of a newly finished boat, a delivery of a 70 feet catamaran. The adventures that followed this decisions are so numerous, that it will be quite a challenge to adequately describe them here.

The adventure started in South Aftica, where I spent 3 months. One of those was an exciting internship at the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. We departed Cape Town after our visas got expired (I now need to pay a fine if I ever intend to come back to SA, and I do intend to come back). We sailed to St. Helena, a little archipelago of volcanic islands in the middle of Atlantic. There I met Dr Judith Brown, a marine biologist involved in the Darwin Project on the island. We were dive buddies for one day, which I really enjoyed. Next stop was Ascention island, where I met  we saw green turltes breeding and tiny hatchlings emerging in the moonlight (one of the best nights of my life). Further stop – Fernando de Noronha. Probably the most beautiful archipelago in the world. Two dives in the marine protected area were for the first time I actually saw sharks while scuba diving: carribean reef shark and a nurse shark (I saw some while cage diving in SA and snorkeling in Borneo, but never while scuba diving… probably because there are so few of them left and they are actually quite shy creatures).  Finally, after 40 days of sailing we arrived in Grenada, the Caribbean Islands.

Explore some of the posts from this year’s adventures:

 Image table mountain easter2 SONY DSC


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