Pangaea Selection Camp – Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps, astonishing beauty of Swiss mountains near the Chateau d’Oex picturesque  village. It is where Mike Horn lives with his family and invites Youth from all over the world to participate in selection camps of Pangaea Young Explorers Program. It was the first time when I had learnt how to abseil, how to walk with snow rockets, stay safe on the glaciers. Thanks to workshops prepared by our sponsors we could learn a lot about environment and exploration. I really liked the one led by a mountain guide Erwan from Petzl company, who showed us all the equipment petzl is providing for climbers and mountaineers and taught us how to use it in pracice. This was the beginning of my adventure with climbing!

We also had a chance to witness the rescue dogs learning how to find people lost because of avalanches, we were climbing mountains, jumping into crevasses and much much more! I have spent an awesome ten days together with an amazing group of people. Will remember it forever!


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