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Hola! My name is Zofia Drapella and I am a 25 year old girl who has a great passion for nature, particularly ocean life. I graduated with a Masters degree in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton, where I spent 4 years at the National Oceanography Centre.

I currently work in environmental education in the Field Studies department of Calshot Activities Centre in Hampshire, UK. I am lucky enough to be able to share my passion for oceans and wildlife with hundreds of children who come on residential trips to Calshot. I try to inspire people to use less plastics and enjoy doing beach clean ups.

In this blog I would like to share my passion by writing about the places I have traveled to, showing their beauty and describing what I experienced. Will do my best to let you have the impression, that you have been there with me and enjoyed i as much as I did!

 What are my passions? Why?

 Sailing and navigation   

GS spirit

Keeping a bow watch o/b of the magnificent ‘Spirit of Bermuda’ and crossing the Gulf Stream for the first time in my life.

Sailing o/b Pangaea in NZ

Sailing next to the Cape of Good Hope o/b Zara.

Coming from a family of sea captains, I feel like I have really strong connections to the sea. I have an inland skipper licence and love sailing for many reasons. My dad taught me to have a great respect for the oceans. They are powerfull and constantly changing. When sailing you need to be aware, that what you are doing is serious and ignoring that can result in your death. I like it that when living on a boat, you are and fully depending on nature. You have to cooperate with others. On boat you know what is your position among the crew, what duties you have, when is your watch – everything is well organized. You are responsible for every action you take and you need to overcome many obstacles. Sailing teaches you life!


Training to become a BSAC Sports Diver

Scuba diving, snorkeling and freediving:

Exploring the underwater world is my greatest passion. I am a BSAC sport diver and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. My adventure with the underwater world started in 2011. I did the first course in Philippines and upgraded it further during Pangaea Borneo Act Project.

I wish I had gills, not lungs. The astonishing beauty of reefs, the surprising  biodiversity of marine life you find on the, the calmness and silence you experience when breathing underwater all of this makes every second spend there priceless.

I am currently part of the Southampton Solent Sub Acua club where I have completed by drysuit, nitrox and equivalent of PADI rescue courses.

Mountaineering, ski-touring and ice-climbing. 

Waterfall Ice climbing in Swiss Alps


Exploring glacier crevasse in the Swiss mountains.

I have had a passion for mountains since an early childhood. The majestic massives of Tatra mountains and constant danger of avalanhes on steep slopes taught me to always respect the nature. I am a great enthusiast of ice climbing, ski-to
uring and free skiing. I am not afraid of bad weather or hiking in the darkness. In fact, there is no bad weather, only poorly chosen outfit.

Whether it is skiing, tour skiing, snowboarding, mountain hiking or simply admiring the sunrises from up above – you name it, I love it all.

Rock climbing:


Trad climbing in the Peak District National Park, UK

I fell in love with rock climbing and the atmosphere of an amazing Southampton University Mountaineering Club. I have met some great people, made friendships for life and collected many unforgettable memories. Together with the club we traveled across the UK’s best climbing spots and visited some international sites like: Wales, Spain, Turkey and Croatia.


Boat work diring the Falmouth field course, part of the Southampton University experience

Marine Biology and Oceanography

I am currently studying for Masters in Marine Biology at the University of Southampton in England. In August 2011 I participated in a Marine Biology research led by the Polish Academy of Sciences, in Svalbard archipelago of the Arctic. There I could gain some valuable experience and get to know what this job is really about.


Zooplankton and phytoplankton identification lab

I want to have a real impact and help protecting the oceans. During my short life I have seen lots of pollution and destruction be it dynamite fishing in Borneo, the dying corals in Philippines or melting of the polar ice cap in Arctic. I am willing to engage in environmental projects and do something about that.


                                                                    Hope you enjoy my website! 



10 Responses to About Me

  1. dariodrapella says:

    I think it would be a good idea to place short captions under the pictures (f.e. Pulling the sheets(halyards?) o/b Pangaea at New Zeleand, Navigation watch on the bridge of r/v “Oceania” under way to Spitsbergen…details of diving in Far East….where was that ice-climbing….)

  2. martinanon says:

    Great! the only thing is missing is a special section inside “Expeditions” called “Travelling with Martini”, hitch hiking could be the first theme.

  3. Florence Beffa says:

    Great job Sophie, I totally love your website! 🙂

  4. Sara Petersson says:

    You know that I’m always proud of you for everything you do. Love you Sophie :*

  5. Manatee says:

    This is great Sophia!! I never knew you had a website 🙂 I’m going to go and explore it.

    • Zofia Drapella says:

      that’s because I never had any : ) Set up this blog right before Kenya, but from now on I will try to be systematic.. Hope there will be some posts about you soon here! We have to travel somewhere together!

  6. Thanks for sharing great experience. i really like this post.

  7. That is fabulous!! Look at all the different experiences you have had 🙂 What wonderful memories you have made for yourself! Happy travels and writing.

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