Special Pangaea Borneo Act Project January-February 2011

Where: Sabah, Northern province of Borneo, belonging to Malaysia. We spend a month on board of Pangaea yacht, sailing from Kota Kinabalu, through Kudat to Semporna and even further south.

What: Pioneering  a new conservation project in Borneo in 2011. This involved contacting sponsors, advertising the event and on-site research, taking underwater surveys and conducting environmental research.

I consider the time spent in Borneo as some of the best of my entire life. I will cherish the great memories for long while thinking about bioluminescece of plankton and diving between ‘little green shining stars of the ocean’. I have met incredible people and made friendship that will last forever, no matter the distance. I have gained valuable experinece and understand how hard it is to establish a new project in a foreign country.

There was exploring, learning and acting. There ware constructive discussions and lots of jokes with Michael School, great diving with our instructors Christian and Andre and some serious work with a Greman Marine Biologist Markus.

Below is a selection of photos I took during the expedition.



IMG_2559 IMG_2561 IMG_2471 (35) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_2371 _MG_2224 _MG_2212 Akira in Borneo _MG_2194
IMG_2208 IMG_2671

sophie i akira


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