Southampton University Mountaineering Club

SUMC – The best society in University of Southampton!

When at the University, the most important thing you have to do is find people you enjoy spending time with.  While many people claim University is just about getting a good grade on your degree certificate, by literally living in the library, this time is actually when you develop friendships that last a lifetime and collect memories that will keep you entertained in a nursery home some 50 years from now.

One of the best things about studying in UK is that there is an incredible choice of societies you can sign up to in order to develop your interests and passions. From juggling, through any sport you can imagine to theatre, one will find something they enjoy.

I found the climbing club during my freshers year, and in that year I went to literally every meet, trip and adventure possible. And have some wonderful memories!

Fisherman’s Ledge in Swanage, UK. Deep Water Soloing.

Click on the images below to see some of the pleces we went to with the University of Southampton Mountaineering Club.




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