Here I would like to share with you an experience that truly changed my life. I became a Young Explorer in PANGAEA Program and an Ambassador for the Planet. I had this great privilage to meet a person who became my idol and at the same time someone as close as a family member. An incredible character, very inspiring and an extraordinary man. There is no other Mike Horn on this earth!


So how did I end up as one of the Young Explorers? 

Mike has created a program called PANGAEA (a PAN Global  Adventure for Environmental Action)

It is a great opportunity to meet the famous explorer, share the unforgettable moments of travelling with him, sense the unspoiled and untouched beauty of our planet. It is a platform where you will EXPLORE the most beautiful parts of the world, LEARN about the environment and culture and ACT for the sake of a better planet!

Watch the video and apply to! Don’t let this chance to slip away. As Mike says ‘Live the life you dream!’


One Response to PANGAEA Mike Horn

  1. "Dario" says:

    Great that you setup a separate page for Mike Horn and PANGAEA project. I did not see you THAT HAPPY before regardless the fact that you are ALWAYS HAPPY. Mike is also my idol (as you know).

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