Here I would like to share with you an experience that truly changed my life. I became a Young Explorer in PANGAEA Program and an Ambassador for the Planet. I had this great privilage to meet a person who became my idol and at the same time someone as close as a family member. An incredible character, very inspiring and an extraordinary man. There is no other Mike Horn on this earth!


So how did I end up as one of the Young Explorers? 

Mike has created a program called PANGAEA (a PAN Global  Adventure for Environmental Action)

It is a great opportunity to meet the famous explorer, share the unforgettable moments of travelling with him, sense the unspoiled and untouched beauty of our planet. It is a platform where you will EXPLORE the most beautiful parts of the world, LEARN about the environment and culture and ACT for the sake of a better planet!

Watch the video and apply to! Don’t let this chance to slip away. As Mike says ‘Live the life you dream!’


1 Response to PANGAEA Mike Horn

  1. "Dario" says:

    Great that you setup a separate page for Mike Horn and PANGAEA project. I did not see you THAT HAPPY before regardless the fact that you are ALWAYS HAPPY. Mike is also my idol (as you know).

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