3. Devon

The third SUMC meet takes us to Devon. Plymouth is much closer to Southampton than the previous meets destinations. This time it does not take us 6 hours, but maybe 4 to drive to the scouts hut. Again we are very lucky with the weather, almost no rain, though some routs were too wet to climb them. SUMC adventures involved crossing a river this time (and many got wet – see the photos). The second day of climbing was much better than the first one. I did my first multi pitching toghether with Lena and Dougie. That was a different experience of climbing and I really enjoyed it. It was a little bit scary and cold to remain in the middle of the route and belay other climber, but the sense of achievement was directly proportional to the length of the route. Short ones could not be compared with this one! Now I understand why the ‘Central Roof’ is said to be on of the best Hard Severe routes in the country!


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