Easter on the Table Mountain

table mountain easter2

Yep, we’re still in Cape Town. It is already Easter time and South Africa should be getting colder. It is not, however. That is why carrying up all the food, two bottles of wine (thanks dad), 4 glasses and lots and lots of water was not so easy. I felt like fainting due to the high temperature and lack of breakfast.  But we’ve made it and had our beautiful meal on the top. 4th time climbing this marvelous wonder of nature. And each and every time, the views are worth every effort. In fact, I was thinking of developing a simple mathematical formula to show how the enjoyment of views on the top of the mountain relates to the effort you put into climbing it.

I came up with something like that:

enjoyment from being at the summit = effort you put in the climb – #of blisters + amount of water/chocolate you have left

There are many other factors of course, but those seem to be of a critical importance. Basically, if you take the cable car up the mountain, you will love it, of course, but you will not enjoy it as much as those who climbed it. And it is because of all the endorphins released to combat pain in your calves, time spent anticipating arrival, focusing on simple pleasures like having enough water or a windproof jacket. Not to mention all those humming birds, butterflies, scorpions and mountain goats you meet on your way.

Basically, you miss a lot if you just pay for a return ticket on the cable car. This mountain is incredible and offers a lot to those who have time to appreciate it.

I am so incredibly proud of my mum, who is almost 60 years old and managed to climb some impressive stuff. It was her first time climbing with a rope and a harness, but she did spend her childhood climbing up trees and rocks.





About Zofia Drapella

I always seek adventures, but want them to be meaningful (usually related to science, marine biology, teaching). I so often find myself in the most amazing circumstances and incredible places with inspiring people. I genuinely consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world... I love nature, oceans, mountains, jungles. I try my best to capture what I have the privilege to see/experience and share it with others.
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