first videos from our trip to Kenya! Enjoy : )

Finally a video I had to work the most on when editing. Enjoy Africa from a baloon ride with me. And see some animals from Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara national parks of Kenya. At the beginning the baloon crew was setting up a hot air baloon, while we were hidden insite the basket, that is why they seem to be so hot there.

Let’s visit a Masai Village! Check out their dances, though I must say Giriama dances were way more interesting!

And the last one, short video from our clean up on Wasini Island, where children from local village engaged in protecting marine wildlife by doing a beach and a village clean up.

About Zofia Drapella

Always seeking for an adventure. Hoping to help preserving the beauty of our planet. Loving nature, mountains, oceans, jungles ;)
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3 Responses to first videos from our trip to Kenya! Enjoy : )

  1. I can watch it over and over again especially sunrise with the music in the background

  2. jaszmijesmukwijne says:

    love the posts about Africa and can’t wait to hear about it live! :))

  3. jacek29 says:

    Czesc little girl?milo cie tu widziec.musze powiedziedz ,ze ladnie wyglada twoj blog.chyba bede musial poprosic cie o pare lekcji .co u ciebie gdzie jestes,my wciaz w South Africa ,ale zaraz na Madagaskar.time for windsurfing now ,hahahha .pozdro Jacek

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