Masai Mara game reserve

Finaly a working internet connection, need to make up for the time I haven’t written anything. The only problem is that we’re waking up 5 am tomorrow morning, so I really need to go to bed.

Short and sweet then ; )

Today I’ve lived one of the greatest hours of my life. Flying a hot air balloon over the Masai Mara national park during the annual migration of animals from Serengeti (Tanzania). Seen a sunrise from the air.
We’ve met some nice people from India, living in California, then a couple from England. the guy had such a British sense of humor. Had fun during a nice bush breakfast after we’ve landed in the middle of nowhere. They served champagne and great passion fruits.

auu, I just got bitten by a mosquito! time to dive under the mosquito net!


A list of what I should write when I find some free time:

-visiting a Masai village

-experiencing the Giriama culture (dances and music)

-Local Ocean Trust watamu Turtle Watch – environmental organization protecting marine turtles

-the life of women in African tribes

-and fresh, still exticing : a Balloon flight over Masai Mara! – detailed


ahhh, soon! these are so interesting topics to write about, but I need time to do it well 🙂

lala salama (dobranoc!)



About Zofia Drapella

I always seek adventures, but want them to be meaningful (usually related to science, marine biology, teaching). I so often find myself in the most amazing circumstances and incredible places with inspiring people. I genuinely consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world... I love nature, oceans, mountains, jungles. I try my best to capture what I have the privilege to see/experience and share it with others.
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