Africa day 2.

The internet connection here is awful, so I am writing my thoughts in Word. Whenever I will find an access to internet, I’ll try to upload them to my blog.
The smell of Africa. So hard to describe, yet so distinguishable! Africa is a mix of many different smells. So far I have only discovered few of them. One is definitely the smell of red, dry soil. Then comes the fresh smell of baobab trees and coconut milk. Finally there is a sweet smell of burning corn. This all mixes with rotten food and tons of rubbish. Africa smells of the ocean when on the coast. All those smells are transferred by a dry and hot wind. I’m not sure why, but this mixture of smells somehow affects your mood.
In Mida Eco Camp we have no electricity, thus you wake up with the Sun and go to bed as soon as it goes down. That means waking up about 6 am and going to bed around 9 pm. The brave ones, who are not so afraid of mosquitos, can stay out late, preferably by the fire. We have those old naphtha lamps to find our way through the bushes to the hut. Incredible how you can actually feel free when there is no internet connection, no phone reception, nor even electricity to charge your ipod. You are left to the nature. There is no hot water, but you don’t actually need it! And believe me, even if there was, you would shower with the cold one.
I stayed out late yesterday chatting with the French people, sipping local Tusker beer and learning about their experience in Kenia. I was bitten by a mosquito. Now it is only a matter of waiting and seeing whether I will have a malaria. Hopefully not, but who knows. At least I feel very well, althought I eat everything here, even the fresh fruits and vegetables that my doctor said were strictly forbidden. Seems that after the Safari we will try to go up to Lamu. It is a 4 hours drive from Malindi to a UNESCO heritage of Swahili culture. A town where not so many turists go to, town which is loved by the hippie people. There is still only few cars and most of the transport is done through bicycles or donkeys. It is closer to Somalia border, so the northern part of Kenia. I would love to go there and experience first hand the real Kenia, real Africa!
Tomorrow I have to get up early and go to Mida Creek. It is just 5 minutes walk from our hut, but the lady from our Camp said you can see flamingos and pelicans there every morning. Since tomorrow we are leaving for the Safari, I definitely need to do it before the departure.


About Zofia Drapella

I always seek adventures, but want them to be meaningful (usually related to science, marine biology, teaching). I so often find myself in the most amazing circumstances and incredible places with inspiring people. I genuinely consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world... I love nature, oceans, mountains, jungles. I try my best to capture what I have the privilege to see/experience and share it with others.
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