How do I manage to travel without much money?

I’ve been traveling a lot since early childhood. It is a great privilege to explore and discover the world we all live in. But we are not extremely rich and most of the expeditions I’ve been on were relatively cheap or even for free. We’ve managed to have sponsors for Odyssey of the Mind trip, I didn’t pay anything for the Arctic except a one way flight and the New Zealand expedition was fully covered by Pangaea sponsors. So why am I so lucky? I think the reason for it is that I have a great passion for traveling and I am not afraid of dreaming about new destinations.

As Mike Horn says ‘Live the life you dream. The impossible exist only until you find a way to make it possible’. Below you will find out how did we manage to win a trip to Kenya.

Friday afternoon, me and my Mum are leaving to Africa. Hopefully Dad will also make it back home before the departure. We are going to spend 15 days in Kenya. But how is it possible? Well, believe it or not, but we won a photography competition. In fact my Dad’s picture won, but I am on it, so he says I won too. : ) The competition was organized by Scrabble and National Geographic and all you had to do was buy the Scrabble game and take it to interesting places, take a photo or film when you play it. I treated this competition really seriously and took Scrabble everywhere I could go. That resulted in 2 months of carrying a game and camera EVERYWHERE I went, including the beatification of John Paul II.  When they announced the winners, I could not believe that it is actually possible to win a competition like that. But here it is, have the courage to dream and live the life I dream!

A scan from National Geographic Traveler article, August 2011. Winning picture shows me and the owner of Zejman yacht club in Gdansk, Poland. photo taken by Dariusz Drapella


About Zofia Drapella

I always seek adventures, but want them to be meaningful (usually related to science, marine biology, teaching). I so often find myself in the most amazing circumstances and incredible places with inspiring people. I genuinely consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world... I love nature, oceans, mountains, jungles. I try my best to capture what I have the privilege to see/experience and share it with others.
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2 Responses to How do I manage to travel without much money?

  1. Florence Beffa says:

    Sophie, you are AMAZING, you left me dead with words!
    I wish you all the best for your future and I’m convinced you’ll go very far in life! I love you very much and I deeply hope one day I’ll get the chance to live an unforgettable adventure with you! Take care ❤

  2. Zofia Drapella says:

    Thanks Florence! You are amazing my Swiss friend! I am also very much looking forward to some adventures together with you!

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